$ 30 million fraud: Galfon wants to prove the post of post

It’s about the main poker scandal last year. The point is that Michael postla’s American is accused of "Too good game" During the tournament that was broadcast live.

Michael was a game with frankly bad cards and to him "They came" Combinations required. The lion’s part of the poker community is certain that the postl was cons with one of the casino workers and knew which cards would fall on the table. Suspicion was also fueled by the fact that the American was constantly driving over rivals, even in seemingly losing moments for themselves.

The investigation could not prove Michael’s guilt. He was justified, and a casino worker suspected of conspiracy was not even released.

And here’s a new page in this scandal opened Phil Galfon. The star poker made a loud statement:

I’m a pretty busy person. Probably I would never mention or thought about the posts if not for Justin Kuritis and Stones Gambling Hall on their legal "Victory", Where did they start mocking the affected pointers. If we can collect in a spreadsheet the whole history of the postla’s hands then I will be able to make a detailed report with proof or refutation of his guilt.

It is unlikely. Note that Michael himself announced that a documentary would soon be released, which should finally prove the innocence of the American.