Sex scandal from Paris Hilton and two marriage with Pamella Anderson: The fun life of a pokerist

Perhaps the most famous river made a loud sex scandal with flamboyant Paris Hilton. The story began in 2001. Then Salomon and Hilton decided to take off their sex on video. A few years later, this entry was on the network. The year quickly navigated and on the wave of scandal became the director, producer and star of a clip called "One night in Paris". The American was able to earn a good money. True, $ 400,000 had to pay Paris Hilton. The girl filed a river in court and won the case. This scandal and ended. It looks like all left all.

Salomon is a well -known Babi. He producer and work in the field of cinema gave him a lot of high -profile novels. Several of them grew into family life. The year twice (in 2007 and 2015) married Pamela Anderson. However, both times marriage lasted only about a year.

Year and Pamela. Photo: Eonline

Painter also legalized his relationship with the star of the series "All women are witches" Shennen Dogeri. And the longest married life in the river was with another famous actress Elizabeth Daily. The couple was together six years, they have two children.

In king Salomon has the glory of successful cache player. The real success of the river, of course, will not be able to find out, but we note that Pamela Anderson stated that the American once won from her opponent 40 million dollars in cash in cash.

We will remind, recently Salomomon was the person being involved in another scandal. He was unable to judge Sheikh from Saudi Arabia a tidy sum.

Oddly enough, in its busy schedule, the year finds time for a tournament poker – $ 10 million in prize for a career.