Poker match for $ 1,600,000: Phil Helmut will play a hedz-up with Jason Kun

Following Scott Siver’s refusal to play hedz-up with Phil Helmut within the popular High Stakes Duel show. The date of expensive poker battle will be announced in the near future.

In May Scott Sever lost Helmut Hedz-up Phil with Bay-in $ 400,000. After Siverser’s unexpected refusal of the next round of duel the organizers of the show began to look for him replacement. Among the possible rivals were considered Phil Ive, Espena Yorsstad and Dan Kates.

As a result, Helmut’s opponent will be Jason Kun – One of the most famous Hayrolers and a permanent participant in expensive games in offline, where he has $ 38,000,000 in prize. The hedz-up, which was planned for August 22, was postponed, but the organizers have not yet named the new.

In the third season of High Stakes Duel show Phil Helmut beat journalist Nika Wright (hedz-up for $ 50,000) and then spent two matches with Tom Dwan – the first lost (for $ 100,000), the second won (for $ 200,000). Then the defeat suffered Scott Sever, who was going to play again. Now his place will take Jason Kun.

By High Stakes Duel Helmut’s rules can only pick money when wins 3 matches in a row. If he wins Jason Kuhn, the next season of the show will end. And if the kun is playing it, then you have to play again, but for $ 3,200 000. In the first two seasons of Helmut Show, Winch beat Antonio Esfandiars and Daniel Negrean.