How to become a multimillioner up to 30. The path of the best Belarusian poterist

Nikita "Fish2013" Bodyakovsky is the most successful tournament player in poker from the post -Soviet space. For a career only in living tournaments Belarus, which is not yet 30 years old, has earned more than $ 28 million, which is the 13th result in the world.

Nikita started his path in intellectual games with chess, where he was able to prove himself well at the youthful level. However, at the age of 16, he switched to poker. And the strategic thinking developed through chess has made it possible to quickly succeed and in new discipline.

Already in 2010 (in his 18) Nikita successfully plays online high limits cache and earns the first million dollars.

Interestingly, Bodyakovsky started his career in living tournaments in Ukraine. In that in 2010, he took 4th place in one of the RPT series in Kiev, for which he earned just over $ 5,000. Until 2013, Nikita gained experience only in Ukraine, and later began to conquer the whole world of poker. The greatest success is made in Macao, Australia, Monaco and Korea.

In 2018, Nikita Bodyakovsky won the most expensive EPT Barcelona tournament (almost $ 2 million) and twice became the champion of the main events of the Triton Poker Super Super Super Roller series, earning more than $ 7 million.

In just a few months this year, Nikita has already earned more than $ 2.5 million in prize, winning in particular one of the Super High Rolller series in Sochi with Bay-in $ 51,000.

In Belarus’s collection while wsop bracelets are lacking. However, he has already got to the WSOP final tables 4 times and for some reason there is no doubt that Nikita Bodyakovsky will eventually conquer this top.