How to turn $ 11 into a million in a week: an incredible story of a mysterious online station

One of these cases is the success story "XBLINK/ XWINK", Which almost from scratch twice brought its wealth to seven -digit amounts in just a few days.

Started for a Canadian in king all is not too good. In 2009 he is practically "He lowered" 20 deposits of $ 500 leaving $ 11 on your bankroll. About what was next XBLINK told himself by creating a popular topic on a popular forum "from $ 11 to a million":

I promised that I would write a full version of my story and here it! I won the cheap tournament for $ 11, having received about $ 700 for it, I don’t remember the exact amount. After that, as most of you know, I began to crown on the middle limits of the Hedz-up Plo (Pot-Limite Omaha) and moved to high limits, constructing my bankroll for up to six digit numbers. When the Akhn in plo was reached I tried my hand at the Haldem. Here my bankroll was like American slides with the highest $ 1.3 million and the lowest – $ 400,000. In a while I learned a lot about how regulars play and began to use their weaknesses, which explains my unexpected rise in Haldem. I learn every day, I try to fix the gaps in my game and steadily win.

If you briefly describe 7 days of play XBLINK, who made it a millionaire, it will look like this:

  1. Victory in tournament for $ 11 – $ 700
  2. Low limits in PLO cache: $ 700 – $ 750
  3. Lift Limits in PLO: $ 750 – $ 4,000
  4. PLO on Blinds $ 5/10 and $ 10/20: $ 4,000 – $ 16,000
  5. PLO on Blinds $ 10/20: 16,000 – $ 60,000
  6. PLO on Blinds 25/50 dollars: Six -digit Banrol
  7. PLO on Blinds 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, $ 200/400 and Haldem, in the absence of PLO: > $ 1,000,000

After that success XBLINK steadily appeared at high -rates tables for a few more months, holding a bankroll at about one million dollars, and suddenly disappeared from online poker.

Until 2011 about the Canadian there was neither hearing nor spirit until he suddenly returned to create another miracle. This time XBLINK turned 4 thousand dollars in 2 million in 4 days.

Now he resisted the best of the best: Phil Iva, Patrick Antonius, Dana Kates … The largest bank during his desire XBLINK Andreas won "Skjervoy" Torbergsen – $ 420 thousand. Develop success after reaching a $ 2 million in 4 days, Canadian was unable to. Moreover, he soon lost much of this money. However, he has nearly half a million dollars with which he has been mysteriously disappeared from the world of online cover.

Real name XBLINK It still remains a mystery, however, the story of two of his unique success is rightly legendary in the world online coil.