Professionals advise how you don’t need to play poker

In intellectual game there is a lot of advice that will help you succeed, or avoid serious financial losses. However, successful players who have had a good stuffing pockets during the years of their careers, often deviate from the main poker canons, promoting dubious solutions.

Regular Landon Tais tries to protect beginners from catastrophic consequences. On his Twitter page, a pokerist gathered the worst tips from players and warns colleagues not to repeat these mistakes.

So the 2003 World Champion Chris Manimayer advises you to enter the flop literally with each hand. Like, any card is capable of "to catch the board", that will allow you to win banks more. The doubtful strategy, given the main poker canon of the regulator – distance. In the continuation of the topic – advice from John Daignan, who recommends to play weak hands if you can’t win with strong.

False poker tips. Photo:

In this range of hang-ups falls 10-5, which does not drop the brother-in-law. The pokerist considers it "waste" a good hand, because almost every street is present both one and the other map. Obviously it is an exquisite trolling, but there are characters that seriously adhere to such a strategy. This category also includes those who regret that they got rid of any hand on the prefloup, and it turned out to be promising. There is nothing worse than blind faith in the power of every best map.

The hit parade of absurd poker tips continues Kin Ingland, which, based on its own studies, found out that peak flash is closed more often than any other. The famous kevin Martin, who “recommends,” to take on theory "hot cards", which fall on the board more often than others.

False poker tips. Photo:

Whatever fun in the discussion of Landon Tysa, it should not be forgotten that poker is an intellectual game based on the principles of accurate science – mathematics. To add discipline, experience and mode – that’s the most practical recipe for a successful poker career.