Poker profits will arrange a unique boxing duel: what is the peculiarity of future battle

Poverists will never stop arranging crazy pairs. Otherwise how to explain the boxing match between Emjge Gonzalez, whose height is only 155 centimeters, and a real athlete Bill Perkins.

However, under the terms of the Perkins pair will have to beat on your knees. This dispute has caused a real hype in poker community – most doubt Bill’s ability to resist Emji in such conditions.

Emji Gonzalez / Photo PokerNews

Perkins will not be able to move in the ring as easily and quickly as its opponent. He acknowledges that is in a disadvantage, but good physical form and advantage in height allow you to accept this call.

Where and when the match will not be reported yet. But if the battle will happen, it will undoubtedly take its place in the pantheon of boxing among pokerists, which already inscribed in the history Kevin hart.