WSOP-2019: Summary and Records

90 (. ) title tournaments. In particular, The Big 50 No Limit Hold’Em with Bay-in $ 500, which became the largest living poker tournament in history. Involved in it impressive 28 371 athlete. The victory was reached by Nigeria Fami Fashakin’s nation, who took home over $ 1,000,000.

The Fami Fashakin is the winner of the largest tournament in history

The main dish, however, traditionally became Main Event with Bay-in $ 10,000 and a prize fund of more than 80 million. This time he gathered 8,569 participants – the best result since 2006. The winner was a professional player Hosin Ensan from Germany, who together with the champion bracelet won $ 10,000,000.

Hosin Ensan – Main Event Champion

The best player of the series was initially recognized as one of the main stars of modern poker Daniel Negrean, but subsequently transferring the scores the organizers realized that the title should reach Robert Campbel. Australian during the WSOP-2019 won 2 bracelets and visited 4 final tables. Negrean too 4 times went to the finals, but bracelets did not win. Most often, he made his way to the prize zone Famous Prof Chris Ferguson – as many as 19 events in money.

Robert Campbel is the best player WSOP 2019

The unique achievement has obeyed American Lauren Klein. Triumpted in the tournament number 43 (Mixed Big Bet Event) Klein became only a third in history, and the second after the legendary Doyle Branson, who managed to win the champion bracelet in the four world series in a row.