Blef at the table: Grandmaster told how chess players use poker techniques

It is known that many chess players and past often and quite skillfully play poker. Therefore no surprise that these sports compare.

Russian Grandmaster Jan Nemelny said that his active facial facial expressions during parties are far from always sincere. Often he bluffs. He shows all the appearance that he does not like the position on the chessboard, although in fact everything is the opposite.

Yang convinces that such tricks use almost all elite chess players of today. Moreover, the thirteenth world champion Harry Kasparov in the party against the uninhabited one constantly gave surprise even on the quite simple walks of a younger colleague. It was a lot pressed on Jan.

Also, a young grandmaster mentioned that once Magnus Carlsen’s rival went out to play against him in sunglasses. Apparently not to show the champion of the world of his excitement. Norwegian that party still won.

The invinational one believes that if the chess tournament regulations allowed, many players would sit behind the boards in the hood and hide their faces, as they do pouring.

Jan is not embarrassed. Photo:

Note that Jan is uninhabited is one of the best chess players of today. He goes in the leaders of the applicants tournament (these competitions were interrupted through coronavirus). If Yang wins this tournament then will compete for a chess crown with Magnus Carlsen.