From the poker prodigy to full collapse: Has Has Hansen’s story

Danish Professional Gosen Hansen was a famous world poker in the late 2000s. Having received a nickname "Great Danish", He conquered the hearts of fans of poker bold, free and aggressive style of play.

Husen Hansen quickly became successful in the poison. He was not afraid to arrange crazy bluffs, played many hands so aggressively that it could not be stopped. Even there is a case when Dananese won the small one -sided tournament, winning absolutely all distributions in it.

Incredible career start

As a kid, Hansen was engaged in football and tennis, and played on the back of the backdrop. At the age of 19, he went to the University of California under the student exchange program, where he met Poker. Adult life he started as a professional player in the backdrop, where he achieved significant success. Having gained popularity as one of the best backdrops of the world, Guard Hansen quickly became a wealthy man.

In the early 2000s, thanks to acquaintance with successful players went to the rank of professional pokerists. The first successes appeared in 2002, when it was possible to win 3 consecutive WPT Champion and over one million dollars of prize. This record remains unattainable for anyone.

Hansen / photo

In 2005, Hansen kerosene has obeyed another iconic Poker Superstars Invitation tournament with a crazy bay-in $ 400,000. At Phila Ive and Daniel Negrean, he won the event for the first time in his career with a seven -digit amount of prize. IN "alive" poury Dananese showed stunning results. Only in 2007 he earned in Live tournaments $ 4,700,000. However, an online cover era that has ruined a career with an incredibly successful player.

The detrimental impact of online cover

Hansen has suffered serious casual. The enormous loses could be explained by the fact that he played high limits against very strong opponents. Every time "Great Danish" tried to compensate for his losses, he still stayed in the minus, experiencing serious Downswing.

By March 2015, Hansen’s expenses exceeded $ 21,000,000. This is only one poker-corner where he has played since 2007. Dancer periodically appeared behind online tables, hoping to return part of the losing. He played until in his bankroll just no money left.

Hansen Gosen / Photo

Husen Hansen could not put up or just didn’t understand that losing competition to the strongest professionals of an online cover. Life has raised an important lesson. He lost over $ 21,000,000 that made him a second player in the world by the number of money locked in an online core in history.

Fast up "Great Danets" in poker ended in a fall. Hansen had to look for a permanent place of work. He settled a regular accountant. No one knows if the kegr hatsen intends to restore a poker career to once try again from scratch again.