Combinations of poker

There are more than 100 million inhabitants of the planet Earth and their number are growing up today. In order to join the numerous army of intellectual game fans and learn how to win poker, will not hurt to get acquainted with the basics.

There are about a hundred varieties of poker today and a lot of strategies for each of them. The main purpose of the game remains unchanged for all – to take possession as many chips as possible. In order to beat the opponent, you need to gather an older combination in the poker. Let’s take a closer look at them, and take the basic kind of game – Texas Hold’em as a basis.

How are poker combinations in Texas Holdm?

In Texas Haldem play a standard deck – 52 cards. Each player is issued two cards face down and then over the next rounds – five more common cards are opened on the table. Each player uses them to collect a combination. Combinations in the poker consist of five cards. From the seven distributed cards (two on hands and five common on the table) the player chooses the best combination he uses in the game.

Combinations in poker can be collected in different ways. You can use your own two cards in combination with three common cards, one "Pocket" in combination with four common cards, or all five common cards.

Texas Haldem Combination Combination Combination is based on statistical likelihood of gathering them. The weaker combination – the more you have the chance to gather it. The senior combination always prevails weaker. That is, two pairs of doubles and three will always be stronger than a couple of aces. Similarly Flash will always beat street. Memorize poker combinations is very easy, only ten.

The poker combinations by rank

Senior map (English. High Card)

Senior Card is the weakest combination in the poker. If you and the opponent have not collected any of the below -exit poker combinations wins the senior map with hand such as Ace.

Couple (English. one pair)

The couple is two maps of one rank. It can be a couple of kings – one out of hand in combination with another board. If you and the opponent are not in the board, a couple of kings of five additional cards will be common to both.

Two pairs (English. two pairs)

Two pairs – a poker combination that form 2 pairs of cards of one rank. Let’s say you were handed out 9 and j, and each of these cards received a couple on a board.

Seth or Trips (English. Three of a kind)

Seth, or TRIPS – 3 cards of one rank. If you have collected 3 ladies, 2 of whom from the starting hand – you have a set. If you have formed a combination with a “pocket” lady and two more from the board, it is TRIPS. By force both combinations in the poker are identical.

Street (English. Straight)

Street – 5 cards in order of growth of different suits. For example: Different 4,5,6,7,8. You can also collect Street with a single map from a hand that will be complemented by 4 others from the board.

Flash (English. flush)

Flash-5 cards of one suit in any order. By sample (see. below) – red flash of 2,4,6,8, k.

Ful Hous (English. Full House)

Ful house-a combination of three cards of one rank and two other. From two Ful Housie will win the one whose 3 identical cards will be older in rank. The oldest Ful Hous is a combination of three aces and two kings.

Kare (English. four of a kind)

Quads – four cards of one rank. Alternatively – you gathered 4 ladies, two with a hand and two on a board. Another way to collect quads is to complete one “pocket” lady three that fell on the board.

Street (English. Straight-Flush)

Street Flash-a combination of poker with five cards of one suit in order, in other words-one-time street. Example: You were handed out 6 and 7 Trefa, and on "board" Among 5 cards fell 8.9.10 of the same suit.

Royal Flash (English. royal flush)

Royal Flash is the highest combination in king consisting of five cards of one suit from 10 to ace. Say you in the “pocket” k and q worms that you have completed 10, j and a the same suit with "boards" and collected royal flash.

Poker combinations. Photo: PokerMatch

Levels of combination in poker

You also need to know how the king is determined by the winner when players have a level of combination. After all, two players can make a couple, two pairs, or a trips equal denomination. In this case, the strength of the hand will be determined by the kicker – a special map that is not part of the combinations. For example, if players have made a pair of a dozen, then the winner will be the one who has a kicker – a shaft, not a nine.

How to win in poker: poker combinations potential

In order to evaluate the potential of each of the 10 poker combination, the likelihood of their loss can be calculated mathematically by a poker calculator. Everything will depend on the specific poker distribution and the starting hand you got. If you count by the theory of probability, without specifics, the oldest combinations in the poker fall out extremely rarely.

Poker combinations. Photo:

The likelihood of combinations in the poker

Say the likelihood of getting the strongest combination of royal flash – less than 0.00015%. Chances to collect from a dozen to ace of one suit twice in a row as much as the monkey can play piano "Monthly sonata" Beethoven.

The likelihood of gathering a second-in-combination-street flash-is 0.00135%. Quad you will collect more often – in 0.024% of cases. The chances of collecting Ful House, Flash and Street are also lower than one percent.

Much more often you will receive weaker combinations in the poker. The probability of gathering set is greater than 2%, two pairs – almost 5%and a regular pair – 42.25%.

Study combinations with poker kits

All of these numbers will be relevant in practice-in online battles on poker platforms, or in sports poker clubs. But for beginners, first of all, it will not hurt to study the rules of poker and practice in the basics of the game at the amateur level. Study the game combinations using the simplest poker kits and get the necessary experience online in the game on conditional chips.

Learn to play poker and master the game quite easy. However, do not allow you to mislead you. The number of different game situations in king is huge and therefore the game is extremely difficult at a high level. So always keep in mind the famous statement of Texas Hold: "You can learn to play in a moment, and improve your game – all life!"