Legends in collection: Branson, Negrean, Dwan and quince competed in the first episode of High Stakes Poker

No wonder Vice president Pokergo Morei Skandani said that the 9th season of High Stakes Poker will be the most starry in the history of the show. In the first issue of the program at one table fought Tom Twan, Doyle Branson, Daniel Negrean, Phil Ive and Patrick Antonius.

Legend Company Damaged Cash-Igor Debutants High Stakes Poker-Kim Khaltman, James Borde. Recall that the minimum bay-in for participation in the show is $ 100,000.

A hard start for a two

The largest bank at the beginning of the debut issue was played with Tom Dwan. Doyle Branson discovered A10 from early position, and James Borde gently stabbed with QQ. On Batton, a two -handed hand Ak and "durrrr" raised the rate to $ 5,500. Branson sent his cards to the pass, but the board announced 4-BET, raising up to $ 25,000.

Tom Two / Photo Pgt.com

Dwan has put an oll-in worth $ 97,000. The board leveled the bid. The players decided to watch two boards but in both cases the ladies reinforcement received James. Two had to do a rebel already at the beginning of the show.

World Champion against Antonius

WSOP Main Event Winner Koray Aldemir made his debut on High Stakes Poker not in the best way. In one of the distribution the current world champion opened AJO. Patrick Antonius on the Little Belinda put $ 3-Beth $ 4,000 out of Kqs.

Aldemir’s Corica / PGT photo.com

On the J-10-3 flop it became clear that a large bank is rising. Finnish player made a bet of $ 6,000 and got Col of Aldemir. Ninth came to nine that closed Antonius Street. Both played a check. Ace on Rivara put Corai in a difficult position. He had to mow Overbeth Patrick $ 30,000 with his two pairs. As a result, the bank $ 80,000 went to the legend of Finnish poker.

The first release of the show that loved poker fans is fully available in the paid application of Pokergo. High Stakes Poker’s next episode is scheduled for February 28.