Star Choice: Four Poker Giants claim one award

Not the main intrigue of Global Poker Awards is the choice of a triumphant in one of the most prestigious nominations – perfomen of the year at the final table. Here for the victory compete such whales of game as Brin Kenny, Alex Foxen, Hosin Ensan, as well as Philip Hui.

Brin Kenni’s colorful American nomination earned his game on Triton Million. Interestingly, in this tournament, which took place last summer, the American took second place. At least nominally.

Before Hedz-Ap against Chinese Aaron Zanga Kenny agreed to the deal. As a result of Brin, which had a significantly larger stack received more than 20.5 million euros. His rival as a result is nearly 17 million euros.
Brin Kenny. Photo: Triton Millions

Fighting continued for the Cup, Champion Status, and an additional 1.1 million euros. Fortuna smiled at Aaron.

But Kenny seems to be not particularly upset. After that after that the tournament he officially became the most successful poker in history. Now his total winning tournaments – nearly $ 56.5 million.

Another contender Alex Foxen is not particularly inferior to Brinov in status. He is also a star. That confirmed at the WPT Five Diamond tournament. At the final table, American won WPT Champions Jonathan Safa and Seth Davis. This triumph at the end of last year made Alex as the best poker 2019 according to Global Poker Index estimates.

Alex Foxen. Photo: PokerNews

It was already the second victory of Foxen at the WPT Five Diamond tournament.

Another significant figure in king German Hosin Ensan – also among the contenders for winning the nomination of the perfomens at the final table. He became the world champion in the summer, triumphant at the WSOP main event. Then in Las Vegas German earned $ 10 million.

Competition to these monsters poker will try to impose American Philip Hui. He won the WSOP Poker Players Championship and earned more than one million dollars. There Philip left behind such stars as Kates, Ive and Doib.

Global Poker Awards will be awarded to the sixth March in Las Vegas.