“Naked bandit” that threatened to blow the casino, escaped prison

A scandalous episode was held on last year’s world series, which became the beginning of a real criminal saga. Culprit anxiety in Las Vegas Kennene ostrich in a year again before court, and can be satisfied.

The modest success of Kenneth ostrich in king – $ 8.6 thousand prize and several selfies with world celebrities. The American as a result and for itself has gained worldwide recognition, however, doubtful.

Kennet ostrich with Daniel Negrean. Photo: Poker Central

On last year’s WSOP during the main event, the ostrich went to Ol-in and, without waiting. A crazy player who was baptized "Naked bandit", quickly quenched, brought out in hand and, of course, disqualified. However, to stop there on the achieved Kennene Ostrich was not going.

The American locked up in several more gambling establishments of Las Vegas, threatened the violence of others and even tried to steal the baby. In the end, when all the doors closed before the ostrh, Kennet published a tweet where he promised to compare all the casino with the ground, where he was not missed. The law enforcement response was predictable – arrest on suspicion of terrorism.

Kennet ostrich. Photo: Las Vegas Review-journal

However, after the detection of numerous violations of the ostrich and long court sessions, the court made a rather soft verdict. Kennet was recognized mentally ill, prescribed forced treatment and "Awarded" conditional term. Well in addition, the American will not be able to visit "places of combat glory" over the next two years.