“Janglman” in the image of a tap – a weirdo who won in poker $ 1,450 000

One of the most difficult tournaments in the world series of poker Players Championship. For the second year in a row, he was won "Macho Man" Sevoda.

Players Championship tournament with Bay-in $ 50,000 is one of the most prestigious in the WSOP schedule. Its peculiarity is that participants have to play immediately in 9 varieties of poker, and the event itself attracts mostly professionals.

In recent years, this complex tournament had no tremendous popularity. Last year’s champion Dan Kates beat the field of 63 participants, and a year before there were 74 players. This time, 90 participants gathered on the start day, although the registration remained open during the second day.

As a result of the Players Championship tournament gathered 112 registrations and prize fund $ 5,362,000. 12 players decided not to waste time on the game on the first day, and immediately entered the second. Among them was and Phil Helmut.

Played the most titled WSOP player not long. He sell the particles on this tournament and immediately heard the jokes on this occasion at his table. Adam Friedman’s irony did not like Helmuta who answered in a rough form.

Which devil you try to induce me in the tile in the tournament for $ 50,000? Don’t come to me never again. You do not win as much as I have earned,
– Helmut reacted emotionally.

Anger did not help Phil Helmut in the game. He lasted in the tournament only one and a half hours, while the fierce fight for prizes lasted 5 days. Last year’s champion Dan "Jungleman" Kates then played the whole tournament in a kettle costume with Street Fighter. This time Dan staged a show again – he got out of a professional twist Randy "Macho Mena" Seveda.

Dan Kates / photo wsop.com

In some magically way it was acting again. On the 4th day of the tournament Kates confused Omah with Omaha Hai Lou, but he was very lucky in triple ali-yin. He knocked out both rivals and came out in the top 5 finals. In the hedz-opa "Janglman" opposed one of the best Brazilian players – Yuri Dzivilevsky.

Battle for the bracelet lasted as many as 7 hours. Chip-leader changed frequently, but at a decisive moment success was on the side. Champion received $ 1,449 103.