“Manimayer’s effect”, or poker boom

In 2003, a 27-year-old accountant from Valville took over $ 40 for $ 40 to tournament and won it by multiplying modest investment 62,500 times.

When registering for Main Event WSOP, Chris was repeatedly demanded to demonstrate a person’s certificate, because the name of the Manimayer (English. Moneymaker) literally translated as "one who makes money". And after a few days the organizers were no longer a joke. Amateur Chris Manimayer won a record prize in the history of poker tournaments – $ 2,500,000.

The decisive distribution at WSOP 2003. Photo: WSOP.com

The phenomenal result of the poker underordog some call the smile of fortune. But during the tournament distance, Manimier has repeatedly denied such a statement. Chris demonstrated miracles of cold -bloodedness and did not fit in front. Among 838 rivals Chris left behind recognized stars-Rass Boyd, Freddie Diba, Scotti Nguen, Hovard Leder, Helmut and Ivei Billy. And in the hedz-opa he dealt with one of the mastoders poker Sam Fares.

Chris Manimierre became a living example that even a simple guy without extraordinary skills and investment can become a poker star and a multimillionist. In the following years, the World series of poker survived a real boom. In 2004, $ 10,000 invested in the main event three times more participants. And in 2019, more than 8.5 thousand players from all over the planet arrived on the anniversary WSOP Main Event.

WSOP 2019. Photo: WSOP.com

Thanks to "The effect of the manimayer" Poker has become a real pop culture. The most prestigious tournaments began to broadcast massively on television. In particular, a new option was now available – the game could be observed with open players cards.

Poker’s powerful jerk made on online, where its popularity from 2001 to 2005 increased by almost 300 times. Chris Manimier has become an inspiration for many thousands of future poker stars. And here, by irony of fate, he went into the shade.

Chris Manimier (2019). Photo: VIP-Grinders

Manimayer plays to date but after the success of 2003 has not won any prestigious tournament. However rightly deserved to the title of true legend of the game. In 2019, Chris Manimierk entered the world of glory poker.