Millionaire wants to become “American ninja” for the sake of winning a couple

This is a very popular program in the US. Its essence is: strong and pudd participants must completely undergo a heavy obstacle strip. Who will make it fastest, he eventually receives a financial reward and honorable status – "American ninja".

Sounds wrong already and difficult. But obstacles are really extremely difficult, so only perfect athletes get to the finish line.

Two years ago, a well -known poterist Tony Miles decided to beat his institution with his colleague and friend Sean Dibo, who can get selected in "Ninja". Miles who finished the second on the WSOP one year before and received $ 5 million, put $ 5,000 for his victory.

The rules are: If Tony managed to qualify on the show on the first attempt, he would have received $ 125,000. From the second – 100 thousand "Bucks". From the third – 75 thousand "Green". Painter’s debut attempt has already waste. And now Miles went to the second circle.

New season "American ninja" had to start today but the coronavirus pandemic changed the organizers’ plans. The show was postponed. Therefore the poterist has extra time to get the best of being prepared for selection.

Tony Miles confessed that he agreed on pair not because of money. He has long been a fan of this program and loves the opportunity to check himself for strength.