Most important at the table: the profession of poker dealer

"Shuffle Up and Deal", Or "Transfer and distribute" -The famous phrase that gives the start of the world series of poker, this year in Las Vegas was not heard. Without the most large -scale "alive" the poker festival remained tens of thousands of players and several dozen those who are primarily concerned with the famous call.

Whom they take in poker dealers

Poker dealers, like football judges, should remain invisible in the process of play, but perform a huge amount of work. It is not only a club employee who gives out cards. The dealer performs functions of both the leading and the referee. He has to have a perfectly playing game rules, to be sociable and non -conflict. Well, of course, well know the mathematics, and in a good way and English.

Therefore, the ability to virtually tackle the deck and lightly handle cards on players’ boxes – not the main virtues of the poker dealer. All this is automatically acquired with practice. Professional dealer, although perfectly understands the game, sit down at the table as a player in a particular institution he is forbidden.

Poker dealer. Photo: Getty Images

"Shuffle Up and Deal"

The newly arrived dealer sits at a table with "fresh" a deck of cards, in some places with several. To begin with, it will not hurt to make sure that all 52 cards are present in the clamp. Further dealer thoroughly mix cards directly on the table "shirts" upwards, and each subsequent distribution accompanies shifting. The procedure should be repeated at least four times.

The distribution occurs clockwise on one map, counting from Button, or the button of the button "Dealer". Before the appearance of each subsequent joint map on the board, dealer is obliged to remove the top card from the game from the game.

Judge and mathematician

In the process of dealer’s work, you often have to solve conflicting situations that arise due to players’ mistakes. It’s about typing, incorrect rail, word out of turn and so on. It happens that the dealer himself, say, accidentally illuminates the map. In this case, it is removed from the distribution.

Deller’s work is accompanied by constant calculations. He must control the course of bidding, follow the correct size of each rate, and if necessary, should declare it to another player. A real test of dealer qualification is a situation where several banks are formed in distribution. The dealer should correctly form Side pond, remembering which of the players to which proportion claims.

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From player to dealer – one step

Anyone can try myself as a dealer. Enough to arms the simplest poker set and invite friends for a home game. But for the sake of obtaining professional status, you will have to finish special courses and get a certificate. At home poker in the United States, professional dealers earn about $ 15,000 a year, but can double or even three times increase their own income, thanks to the generous hung.