The writer won $ 300,000 in king and shared experience in the book

Popular American writer Maria Connikova for more than 2 years with her head plunged into the poker world to collect material for a book. Her mentor was one of Eric Sideel’s most successful pokerists in history (nearly $ 28 million).

Before the start of her experiment in 2017, Maria never played in poker. However, Sideel’s lessons helped her quickly force the poker community to talk about herself. Already at the beginning of 2018, Connikova won a large tournament in Bahamas, for which she earned $ 84,600. In total, in two years, the writer collected $ 311,000 in prize. Even rumors were going to be retrained in a professional porester, but Mary still returned to the pen.

So this year the world will see her book "The greatest bluff: How did I learn to be careful, improve and win" ("The Biggest Blue: How I Learned to Pay Attraction, Master MySELF, AND WIN").

The official release of the publication is scheduled for June 2020, but the book is already available for early booking on Amazon. Its cost in a solid cover is $ 28, an electronic version will cost $ 15.

Here are a few quotes from preface to the book:

Connikov faced many personal failures and reflections on the role of coincidences in life led her to the giant of the theory of games, who pointed to her poker as the best master class to learn to distinguish what can be controlled and what is not.

Under the guidance of Sidel in Connikov there was a lot of insight about the life she received from her new lesson. Among other things and about how best to read not only her rivals, but also, much more important, herself. How to determine what pushed it in an emotional state that prevents the right decisions. And how to realize where she smiled luck, and where it is not in her at all.