Salimon’s poterist lost a sheikh lawsuit for almost $ 3 million

The American poterist known, among other things, with his short marriage with Pamela Anderson, demanded from Sheikh 2 million 800 thousand dollars, which Al-cheriji allegedly lost to him in a private game in poker.

The High Court of Grass, however, was on the side of Saudi Sheikh, guided by the law of 1804. It says that game debt is subject to recovery only "in games using weapons, equestrian races, chariots, tennis and other games related to physical activity".

Year Salomon with his ex -wife Pamela Anderson

Salomon’s lawyers insisted that their client’s game from Al-Cherija lasted 48 hours, which requires great endurance, and therefore is related to physical activity. The court was not convinced.

However, in the course of the investigation it became known that Al-cheriji spent $ 34 million in 29 months in Aria Casino in Las Vegas. The year Salomon, despite the defeat in the court of first instance, now hopes to use this fact during appeal. So the chance to return honestly won money from an American still remains